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What is the technology index?

By looking at the technology index you can learn more about the actual code of the webpage.

If you have a webpage with a stable code, it will be much more cost effective and easier to operate. However, if the page does not show properly or the searchbots can't reach it for some reason there will be much more additional costs if you want to have the same result.

From qualified contractors SEOseeker expects to have a result of 80% at least. This result is a guarantee for the webpage owners, so they can put the money into marketing.

Errors shown by the tehncology index can be fixed mostly by a programmer!

What is the content index?

By looking at the content index you can learn more about the actual content, keywords and external/internal links on the webpage.

According to Google right now the "content is the king" and you have to make your page for the visitors and not for the bots! They want to make this approach more common, so they change the algorythm constantly.

Because of this algorythm it is advised to create better quality webpages because they will provide a better search engine ranking in the long run.

Errors shown by the content index can be fixed by the owner or the copywriter in most cases!

What is the popularity index?

By looking at the popularity index you can learn more about the incoming traffic.

Doesn't worth anything if you have a good webpage but no one knows about it!

Datas for the analysis is coming from elements that are available for anyone on the internet:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML code of the webpage
  • Images
  • Other data provided by the server
  • Reported dangerous site analysis from Google
  • Safety factors from WOT
  • Blacklist data from 20 internationally accepted SPAM list operating servers (DNS)
  • Markup validation service from W3C
  • Download speed and page views are provided by uniquely programmed emulators
  • A beindexelt oldalak számát közvetlenül a Google és a Bing szervereitől kérjük le

Most of the results are made to match the internationally accepted standards.

Results can vary based on the actual content of the page so these values are RECOMMENDATIONS!

This is how we define SEO:

Search Engine Optimization = SEO

Creating and placing content on a page that will satisfy both users and bots. It will secure a really good position in the search results

There are more searchbots:

  • content searchers: Google, Bing, Ask, etc.
  • image searchers: Google, Excite, Dogpile, etc.
  • social site searchers: Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • other searchers: metasearchers, searchers that are interested only in a specific topic

Separate category, but it's related to search engine optimization:

  • URL databases created with a help of humans: Dmoz

Goals are different too, so there is no common SEO theory!

Good results are...?

The higher the percentage, the better the result!

There are some situations where you can't avoid by programming eg.: Facebook is not using regular HTML expressions in the Like Box Frame; it will cause a W3C error. But try to make your webpage as standard as possible!

Average webpages will get a result between 45-70%, the good ones will perform over 80%!

For example: BBC.com is always getting a result over 80%, year after year.

You can't expect a 100% result from a webpage, but 92-95% is not impossible to reach!

We encourage everybody!

Our recommendations:

After the analysis of the competition and the keywords you can start optimization!
If you make your page perfect in terms of technology, you can spend less on your webpage and more on everything else!
Try to use every social media service!


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