Privacy Policy

The page is operating on Hungarian servers and the operator is a registered Hungarian legal entity.

The operator supplies the services based on the Hungarian Law and on the ethical standards.

The operator of hereby informs the visitors of the web page on the practice followed during handling personal data, on the organizational and technical measures taken to protect data, as well as the relevant rights of the visitors and their assertion possibilities.

1. The Manager of Data: The manager of data is Infoartnet Ltd. (address: H-9024 Győr. Kert str. 16 )

NAIH-86517/2015. (The database management adapted to the operation of the store. Register and login to purchase the online program and use it.)

NAIH-86518/2015. (Managed database for the purpose of sending newsletters.)

2. The sphere of managed data:

During the visit of the web page, the time of starting and terminating the visit is automatically recorded, and in some cases- depending on the settings on the user's computer- the type of browser and operating system. The system automatically generates statistical data from these data. The operator does not connect these data with the personal information. In case of entry, the system sends a session ID, which is automatically deleted when leaving the page.

The management of data made available of the usage of the web page is performed on the basis of the voluntary approval of the user.

3. Duration of Data Management

The session IDs are automatically deleted when leaving the web page.  The does not assume any liability for any previous web page, which have been already deleted, but archived by the help of Internet searching programs. The elimination of them should be ensured by the operator of the searching site.

4. Persons having authorization to access to data data processors

The employees of the data manager can have access to the personal data given by the users. The data manager cannot submit personal data to third persons except for those indicated. This does not refer to possible data submissions specified by law, which could occur only in exceptional cases. Before fulfilling each request of the authorities, the data manager examines with respect to each data if the legal basis for forwarding the data really exists.


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