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I'll check how the biggest search engines think about your page in terms of popularity. I'll check your rank in Alexa and your performance on the biggest social sites.

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You have awesome content but you are still waiting for the bots to find you? You may have serious issues in the code!


Technical blog introduction

rls Éles László Technology blog 17. June 2013. 11:15:43
Technical blog introduction
Welcome dear SEOseeker reader!

I'm László Éles, co-executive director of Infoartnet Kft..

My job is to coordinate one of our business units (WEB). I'm a permanent member of the technical blog on SEOseeker.

Feel free to ask and give us feedback!

How to take over a new website

rls Éles László SEOseeker blog 6. May 2013. 20:33:30
Why should I believe, what the contractor says about that Google thing?

A website can be:

  • nice and classy, but technologically completely wrong
  • cheap but effective
  • expensive but invisible for the search engines

How can I recognize mine?

Optimization? Let's get started and don't let yourself down!

rls Éles László SEOseeker blog 26. April 2013. 13:47:58
Optimization? Let's get started and don't let yourself down!

The most important step in search engine optimiztation is to know your current status. If you know, where are you in the process right now, then you can evolve.

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