Can't see the forest from the trees – PPC on Amazon

If you want to enter the international market as a webshop owner or if you already on the international market and you want to multiply the number of your clients -- try Amazon Product Ads.

Amazon shouldn't be introduced, it is popular just as ebay. If you're used to purchase things from the internet then you check these sites too. Are we following this demand from the supply side too?

The product ads of amazon can be placed almost everywhere: targeted places, detailed product subpages, search engines, basket. They can be banners or promoted products -- it will reach the appropriate audience through the appropriate channel.

Did you know that your product catalogue can be uploaded manually even trough ftp? If you have ever used Goole Base, then you can send your products in the same file format to Amazon. Thankfully you don't have to set keywords: Amazon will generate the advertisemets by using the details of the product. You don't even have to add parameters related to the target audience because the ads will display next to related and similar products. After you have set your budget your ads will show immediately. And yes, it is real time just like AdWords. There is no waiting time (facebook, yandex).

So how does it work?

You upload your catalogue, and set the budget. The costumers will find your advertisement and after a single click they are already on your webpage. You pay for clicks and the customers will buy products on your site.

Here is a little tip for you:

Check all the boxes for the advertisiement places so it will display on product pages, search engines, baskets, and banners. But make sure you watch over them so you can see how they perform. Based on the performance decide how much you want to spend on each ad place.

Why did we tell you about this?

Beceause you can take the advantages of Amazon but you'll be still in control of the brand experience and the purchase experience -- on your webpage. People who buy from Amazon will directly buy from you so they'll become a part of your customers.

So: Would you try it?

Ps: Of yourse Amazon has display network ads, you can reach these by Amazon Media Group.

Vanda Dénes

SEO expert

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