Common errors with the use of the Facebook Like Box

How to avoid the problems related to the social media on your page?

It is already expected to display some of Google's or Facebook's form on our page.

Some people are using simple linking, some are using the like box.

We experience a lot of problems by both solutions!

First we should make it clear why we creating a fan page for our business.

It's the best when it's not made just to "exist". The main point is to redirect the users to our webpage! The other advantage is that people who like our page will get our posts and news continuously.

I'll show you some of the most common problems:

Some of them might seem funny but almost 10% of the pages that are using social media is having these problems!

The link is incorrect: It happens when the link is not checked and it's pointing to a wrong place. After the start of a new website please check this function because it can happen that it was only working in the test phase!

The page link on Facebook is wrong or missing: The page is excellent and the link points to your Facebook; but you forgot to fill in the correct data on your Facebook page! Search engines can't connect them either. Make sure you use the correct form of the www. prefix on your Facebook profile.

Should we refer with our name or id? It is recommended to use a name. Both of them are correct however.

Link or box? It's not a technological question it's a psychological one! It depens on the subject of the page because sometimes people doesn't like to be tracked. But, people are lazy so we might have a better chance if we just put a big like button on our page instead of a link.

Other problems: As a programmer we like to improve everything but it is not always a good idea: a simple modification can work right now, but in the future (when FB is changing something) it can turn into a functional failure. If it's possible try not to change the embedding code!

The worst thing we can do!

The worst combination from the user's point of view: there is a social page, it even has some likes; but the owner is not active at all!

It's not a technology problem, but it's really important!

László Éles

webpage technical expert

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