Conditions for a free analysis

Conditions for a free analysis:

For the free registration you will need:
- Family and First name
- e-mail adress
- password
- URL of the website you want to analyse

The user is required to give an active e-mail account address, because the completed analyzes will be sent to that e-mail adress.

User registration becomes active when the user clicks on the analyzes which has been sent out. The user subscribe to the newsletter with the registration. After analysis of at least 5 SEO Course material will be sent to your e-mail address within 15 days.

The free analysis refers to 1 URL. In addition to the trial within 15 days of the URL analysis we will send you 2 fresh analysis concerning to the URL.

Recent analyzes were initiated, up to the same URL or any other URL, the user can only do it after the purchase.
About our subscription packages: . More information about the terms and conditions here.

Use of personal information

The seller was in possession of any personal data on the general data protection regulations apply. Use of personal data in accordance with applicable regulations of the Data Protection Act.

The Infoartnet Ltd. Customer data is stored only analyzes the performance of the free trial, and for the conditions for future proof of purchase order or order sought by the provision of visitor newsletter.

Transfer of data to third parties only occur in cases where the third party must be to use and in this case, and only the data transfer may be of sub-tasks in order to fulfill the purchase as a subcontractor in the purchase associated with the performance of indispensable way that part of the job performance of indispensable (for example, the contractor carrying out deliveries to enter the delivery address and name of the person entitled to receive).. The subcontractors may be used in the same way binding provisions of the Privacy Act.

NAIH-86518/2015. (Managed database for the purpose of sending newsletters)

Limitation of Liability

The seller does not assume any responsibility used to SeoSeeker On-line Store access technology( hardware, software) and or caused by communication (Internet) infrastructure failures, inconvenience, direct or indirect damages regardless of whether the server or client side for incidental or special, incidental operations respectively.

The seller reserves the right to any information without giving any reasons at any time  (including these terms and conditions as well), which is located on the SeoSeeker On-line store, so the items, their descriptions, products, products or basic bargain price. Errors arising from any information related to the SEO Seeker on-line store available, so therefore all the relevant information is not knowledge of the inconvenience, the seller does not accept any liability for direct or indirect damages.

The information displayed on our site, and we strive to present information with utmost care, in addition to control multiple compiled and communicated. Nevertheless, the possibility can not be ruled out that in some cases edit or incorrect or incomplete data are due to other causes website. Given the fact that the information which is available on our website its only for information purposes. The Infoartnet Ltd. did not responsible for complete accuracy of data, documents, information, pictures, charts, graphs and graphics and that they are suitable for you in the intended end-use, so the risks are related entirely borne by you

The number of tests on the website operated subject to change without notice. The tests guarantee operability can not be undertaken because the data used are those from external sources that you have no control over the website.

Accordingly to the Infoartnet Ltd. is not responsible for any damages, expenses, costs including the damage and loss of profit related to the loss data which have arisen directly or indirectly in connection with the usage.

Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, there may be a wrong price displayed, in which case before the submitted order we will contact you on phone (or via e-mail).

Cancellation Terms:

You can withdraw from the free trial analysis free of charge before activating the registration in the following way:
- Do not click on the link for the complete analysis and thus does not activate the registration.

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