Everyone wants to know the answer for these SEO questions!

You probably have a lot of questions, when you ended up on our SEO site. We'll try to give you answers for everything, but if we forget something, don't be afraid to ask us. We will add more content based on your questions.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

It's an optimization process, where you reconstruct your website, so it will be better in more ways. First of all, it will compliance to the standards of the web, it will compliance with the big search engines and of course it will have a better user experience. The process goes on to have a better chance at the target area (keywords) and to reach your target audience (improve the rank in search engines). It is another target to make your website a popular one after the optimiziation.

What kind of problems could my site have?

If you asked this question already, we congratulate you, because you have made your first step towards success! After a website is completed, it's still a raw something, that has to be taken care of, it must have content and it must be optimized. Maybe your programmer did some mistakes as well (web standards), or maybe your site is missing some important indexing parts. Go ahead and run our website analysis and you will have a complete picture of your website. You will see the parts that you have to improve, to match the web standards and have a better ranking in search engines!

Why isn't my website attracting any visitors?

The target of our analysis is to help you with the optimization of your website. It means, that it will show up in the search engines (social media), and people will know that your site is existing. You can lure them in and hold them on your page to reach your goals.

What is my competition doing better?

It's absolutely not sure that your competition is doing better, than you do! With our analysis you can check the website of your competition as well. You can see, how they used keywords to build the content of the site, how did they set it up. It can be that some companies are not even using any kind of SEO, they're just having a bigger past on the market and that's why they having bigger visitor count and why they doing better in search ranking. But right now... here is your chance to recognize your opportunities and fix your website, so after a few months they will be behind you!

I want to optimize my website!

It's not a question anymore, but if you really want to, then you know what and why. Go ahead: sign up, grab a subscription according to your target and have some success at search engine optimization!
What kind of subscription should I choose?
1. SEO professinal 30 days - If you're a pro and you want to look up your competition and analyse their sites as well, maybe check some of their ideas (and smile about the amount of the problems their website has :). With this subscription you have the chance to fix all of your sites, you have more than 30 days (30+3/50URL) to do so!
2. SEO 365 days - for the long run. The algorythms of the search engines are changing constantly. If you want to keep the optimized state of your page, it's the right plan for you. You have the chance to analyse 10 of your most important URLs for a whole year. You can set your homepage to do an autmated analysis every day so you don't even have to log in. You'll get a statement of your favourite webpage every two weeks, filled with graphs. You will get these demonstrations via e-mail, in .pdf format.
3. 3. URL 50/250/2000 subscription - depending on the size of the plan you can analyse 50/250/2000 URLs. You can use the URL 2000 subscription for a whole year, and you can export the data to make your own statements.

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