Full website analysis for effective search engine optimization

SEOseeker.net is about:

The purpose of our little robot is to give you the best part of SEO, the success!

Seeky the robot can help you in the following things:

  • full website analysis (on-site), with text results
  • provide tips to improve the technological part of your site, so you can speak with your programmer
  • content analysis and statistics, so your website will be about what it has to be about
  • popularity checks, and advices to increase the number of visitors

Summary: With the technology of the latest trends we create a guide, that is created by putting together more than 73 viewpoints. To help your website perfrom better.

Who should use SEOseeker.net?

This on-line analyser is for the people, who want to see a detailed analysis based on technology, content and popularity.

Website owners, who want to know:

  1. What did they buy from the programmer?
  2. How is the site performing on the web?
  3. How could they improve the performace of the site?

SEO professionals, who want to:

  1. Save time and energy from the repetitve work.
  2. Show the results of the optimization for the customers.
  3. Say their programmers, what they have to do to make the website more succesful.

Web designers and developers who want to:

  1. Have a certificate, so they can prove the clients that they are capable of making reliable, quality work.
  2. Want to rise from the other developers and designers.
  3. Want to have an advantage by having the latest experiences in the web-technology.
  4. Want to speed up the testing and delivery processes.

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Why choose us?

  • Incredibly fast, one-minute SEO analysis.
  • Detailed test based on more than 80+ aspects.
  • Cost-effective, to-the-point SEO tool.
  • It conatins only reliable and tested solutions.
  • We improve our tests based on the SEO principles


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