Facebook is the most popular social networking program. Not only communal space, but the companies, enterprises, websites can place in the publicity point of view. As long writing may also be published, many blog site is treated as a private papers. The website promotion is written there blogs, articles, new products should be in the immediate sharing disclosed. Advertising surface as more and more expensive, but still well-targetable. The conversion is primarily web-viewing advertising purposes, instead of the expected items were presented.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com

The Popularity Index in our analysis is directly asked from Facebook.


The most popular search engine. The Chrome browser's default search engine. is the Google. Everyone here wants to be first in the search results list. The optimization process targets. Country redirect their language search interface receives visitors.

Google: https://www.google.com

In many analyzes plugin for Google APIs and programs are providing data.


Mainly prevalent among young people, where a brief message can be written with pictures. Not suitable for very deep publish essays, more status indication, share experiences, promote blogs. Articles, blogs, reference may be entered in the text field, so when the interest, awareness and notice the message boards, it is a nice number of visitors can be reached from here.

Twitter: https://twitter.com

The Social Media Popularity Index is obtained directly from the Twitter API.


Google+ is a social network, which is not very widespread among the general internet users. In particular, firms and groups specializing in different subjects is used. Google, however, as a child of great importance for the optimization process. If you would like the viewfinder to your business location-map to appear, you must sign up for Google Places service in relation to Google+.

Google+: http://plus.google.com

Open Graph protocol

Open Graph protocol is a row of standard metadata that helps our page to display the correct informations on social sites.
If you don't have the OG meta element provided on your page, the metadata might show incorrectly especially if your metadata is not correct at all: eg.: images, descriptions.
Usually in these cases the page shares the title and the description of the page - or the URL; picture will be added randomly however.

Most important Open Graph metas:
Webpage title: "og:title"
Webpage image: "og:image"
URL of the page: "og:URL"
Description of the page: "og:description"
Type of the page: "og:type"

If you want to learn more about the correct use of Open Graph please go to: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/web/tutorials/scrumptious/open-graph-object or to http://ogp.me/ 

WCAG 2.0

WCAG 2.0 is the measure of barrier-free web usability and ergonomics. Such a standard web pages effectively and seamlessly make use of the disabled or handicapped people (eg. Visually impaired, hearing impaired), or who are less well understood to IT or even outdated hardware users.


The default search engine of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

A Bing elérhető más böngészőből is: http://www.bing.com

Elemzéseink során a Népszerűségi index Bing eredményeit közvetlenül a Bing API-jából kérdezzük le.


A member of the amazon.com, it is a web information company. Alexa is known because it is ranking. The ranking is based on the popularity of the webpages. It can only count and measure browsers with Alexa toolbar. Attention! Some anti-viruses or firewalls can act weird and they can give a false positive because they are classifying the toolbar as spyware. Alexa has more services, one of them is called Wayback Machine: it can show you information about the indexing of your webpage. It even shows when it was indexed and how did the site look like on that specific date. If you want to check out Alexa, go to: http://www.alexa.com

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