Google Display search list's new title

seosiker kereső találati lista

Google recently changed the look of the search results list titles.

In our analysis we also discussed the fact that the title tag should not be longer than 70 characters. As the recent change shows Google search results for this title is quite variable character. The 70 characters became an upper limit, which applies to those titles, as many small characters (i, l) in the text search and also directed a short word.

What changes are apparent?

1.When someone types a word or phrase in the search field, the search results display case highlighted. The title bar, but not just that: great big letters, which reduces the visible length of the displayed text.

2.The narrow characters: i, l occupy less space on the title bar, like a, m and w characters, so the more i l Use multiple characters appearance entails.

3.If there is text in the title tag, which is written in capital letters, it can also be displayed. If you are looking to this point, then the display is that it is not capitalized, but the agreement will search high and thus can hold up to double the size of place, as if it were written in lower case.

The meaning of the title tag: this is the first set of sentences, which meets with potential visitors, if you're looking for something. Here it must first grasp the fact that short, concise and to the point keywords show what page it belongs to you. Efforts should be made therefore just watch the highlights above "risk" is that more and more characters to be visible in the result list.

We can see a web page statistics on .They were taken and as a result thousands of search is that the address displayed decreased an average of 57-58 characters; which (in all capital letters long and expression search) may shrink up to 42 characters can be seen in extreme cases.

How long is your site's title tag? What you wrote in it? Analyze your site on the page.


Élesné G. Szilvia

SEO expert


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