How to run the analysis


  • You have to be logged in
  • Make sure you have a valid, activated coupon

Analysis steps

1. Step: Please click on "ANALYSIS" in the main many, if you aren't there.

2. Step: Write (or copy+paste) the URL of your page into the box and press the "Analyse" button.


  1. It is recommended to analyse the homepage of your website
  2. The system of SEOseeker will automatically complete the adress with the "http://" prefix.
  3. If it's necessary the system will suggest a redirect. You should accept the suggestion. If you do so, the URL will automatically change to the redirected one.

    If you click on any of the options the analysis will start immediately.

    Exception: If the system comes on a snag (eg.: wrong URL, redirect cannot be completed), SEOseeker will generate an error message right after starting the analysis.

  4. The next picture will show how you can follow the process of the analysis.

    -  While Seeky is collecting data, the value of the analysis bar will advance until it reaches 100%. After completing the analysis the bar will dissappear.
    -  After completing the analysis your page will appear on the little display.

Checking the results of the analysis

Global overview

This surface will show you the general and cumulate parameters of the analysis.

Detailed overview

You can check here the results separated by categories. You can switch between "Overview" and "Details" mode by each group.

Overview: This view shows the most important indexes.

Details: In this view you can see more information about each data and the system will give you tooltips if you want to.

There are some informations on the surface that are only showing up if you hover your cursor over them or click on the info:

Difficulty: It shows how hard is it to reach or fix the current criteria.

Efficiency: It shows how the current parameter affects the page's rank in the search engines and how the analysis treats the parameter.

Info - Tooltip: If you click on this icon you will see a short description or explanation on the screen. Click again and it will dissapear.

If you are looking for more help

  • In the footer you can find more info about the indexes.
  • You can find the legend here as well. The legend will explain you the notations of the analysis.
  • Try to look for more info in the FAQ because you may find some answers to your questions here.

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