More URL query

If you have the URL type of subscription package(URL 50, the URL 250 URL 2000), then you have the chance to load more than one URL for analysis to the system, up to the maximum URL query contained in your package(50, 250, 2000 pcs).

The URLs are analyzed keeping the order of filling the table one after the other. We will send you a notification e-mail when the analysis starts as well as when it ends, so you don't need to always refresh the surface. 

At the end of the analysis, the query URLs are added to the analysis list, so you can view them any time. The result of all URLs can be saved in .csv file for other statistical use. Only those plug points will be shown in the export file, which has text results. Results of the picture and cell can not be displayed.

More URL query

Analysis menu- Analysis list - upload CSV list 

Step 1

Analysis menu- Analysis list - upload CSV list 

upload CSV list - 1. step

Step 2

Create a spreadsheet file ancestor, a column in which onlythe examined Web sites URLs listed, and then save it in .csv format.

More URLs analysis file

If you have saved in the URL list, select the file, then push the button.

upload CSV list - 2. step

Step 3

Choose the analysed list of URL file.

upload CSV list  - 3. step

Step 4

Push the button to import the selected URL list to the system.

upload CSV list - 4. step

Step 5

You can start the mass analysis with the Analysis button. If you have accidentally uploaded the wrong file (you can see which URLs are in the ranks of the file table), then with the emptying button it can be corrected.

upload CSV list- 5. step

Step 6

We will send you an e-mail notification when the analysis started to the registered e-mail adress. The system will automatically analyse. 

upload CSV list - 6. step

Step 7

The analysis can interrupt the meantime, if you've started and you realized that you are using the wrong list. Attention! If you have already started the analysis, the number of analyzed URLs will be deducted from your package!

upload CSV list - 7. step

Step 8

If you stay in the system, you can view the lists with the list of Analyse button. Click on the date below, the analyzed list will be loaded.

upload CSV list - 8. step

Step 9

If the list in just under analysis, you can keep track of the updates to analyzed URLs in the meantime. The ones which is ready, the index number or an Errors column will be displayed, and in addition to the loaded URL, the website's full URL name is shown in blue, which has been analyzed. If you just simply have given domain name in the list, the system automatically monitors and redirects redirected named title!
The analyzes which has not yet been run ,the application URL and upload the data column will have data.


upload CSV list - 9. step

Step 10

When the site analysis is completed, an e-mail will be sent with the following text message: "The analysis is completed." Click on the link in the letter, and you can see the finished list.upload CSV list- 10. step

Step 11

The complete list of items can be exported to a .csv file. It does not contain the complete list of all of the analytical results of the point, which can only be interpreted text!

upload CSV list - 11. step

Step 12

.CSV list

The mass .csv list is a file that contains analyzed list of the URLs(Get URL) in the column next to it is the final analysis of the URL addresses (URLs Analyzed). Each colum in the list has a name.upload CSV list - 12. step

upload CSV list - 12. step


If you can not navigate through the lists, you can use the filtering options. You can search the charging time period, you can filter the failed tests, and you can arrange the date and submit in Alphabetical order.

upload CSV list - 13. step

Error message

These error messages can occur:

  1. The meta-analysis has stopped due redirect. / The requested page can not be analyzed due to inappropriate referrals! The most common is that if you specify only the domain names, even more so the case will turn to the final URL in the form of multiple domain name redirection can only be achieved which can not be followed at program level.
  2. Forbidden domain! There are some websites that are not caused by the structure analysis experience: very slow to load, faulty program code is used, based on the experience so we are confident that we could not analyze the page. These domains are prohibited.
  3. The URL you have entered is incorrect. The URL of this form can not be found on the Internet, or the URL points to a Web site with a password protection.
  4. The domain is already included in the list. You might for example. with or without the www in the list of the domain, which oversees 301 is redirected from one to another, so it is the same in the final URL, which should be investigated.
  5. Can not be tested due to the URL specified in the technical or formal reasons! Please make sure that you have correctly set! Occur in more than one domain that the page is under punishment, the opening can cause damage. If you are sure that you want to analyze that page, use the final URL version.
  6. Due to timeout the requested page can not be analyzed! The site is struggling with errors that did not load completely in 5 minutes. This could for example. Oversize interspersed with pictures page, error code.


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