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The most important step in search engine optimiztation is to know your current status. If you know, where are you in the process right now, then you can evolve.

Determining the target

Sunshine, cocktails, golf course!

Well yes! As you can see, you have to take a step back to see the whole picture and don't get caught up in the details.

The SEO of a website is a later step, where the starting point was about free time, comfort and wealthiness. To reach these things, there must be some financial source or some activity. The activity needs to be popularized, and of course it needs a website. The site generates the problem itself: it must be optimized, otherwise no one will find it. Getting to this point, it would be great if someone could look up, that we have to do... then comes the search for informations and we don't even care about what we wanted in the first place at all....

SEOsiker visitor-magnetOkay. Let's start over!

The target of web optimization is to have more popularity so we will have more time for other things. So if you're getting a lot of information from a lot of pages and you investing a lot of work in it: you're doing it wrong.

The best thing is if you have all the information in a single place, and instructions to make your website popular, modern and effective!

You're at the right place...

The grumpy little robot of SEOseeker will do the dirty job for you. It searches without rest, analyses and helps to create the optimized website you always wanted.

Checking the current status of your site

Technology, Content, Popularity

The first step in the optimization process is to assess the current state of your site.

Of course, the most important reason of SEO is to be more popularTo be more popular, it is important to have a good content. But only with the current technology is it possible, to give the right content to the whole world.

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