Our page does not show correctly in visitor's browser! How is it possible?

Mobilbarát weblapok arányaDevelopers probably heard this before: "One of our visitors said that our page does not display properly."

Webpage owners are rightly concerned about these kinds of errors because their customers are at risk.

How should we approach this problem and what is the best solution?

Can we resolve the discrepancy? Is it possible at all?

Try to make a list with pros and cons! The decision might be easier!

If you want to live up to the newest trends:


  • It's possible to make a flexible, responsive page that will work on smartphones and tablets as well.
  • It's possible to use nice JavaScript solutions
  • It will work on 80-85% of the browsers


  • By the clients with large companies the page will be ugly or the content will not display at all
  • If you want to look good on older and newer browsers as well

If you want to look good on older and newer browsers as well


  • Clients with large companies can read the contents as well


  • You can forget the responsibility, only a mobile redirect is possible (user agent)
  • A lot of extra programming and incompatibilies
  • The page will look different on different devices and browsers

Solutions that might help

  • A simple solution: We don't care that some people can't see out page normally. They're already used to it because other pages are displaying the same!
  • We take the needs of older browsers into consideration. We'll have a simpler page but more people will reach it. If you need extrem levels of compatibility this might be your solution!
  • If our prestige is important and we want to display our page correctly: do not let the page show on not compatible browsers! Ask the visitors nicely to come back with a compatible browser which can handle our page!

Every solution has its faults but I hope I provided some help!

Finally some statistics

By the results of SEOsiker.hu in the first month (more than 1000 unique URLs):

Pages that are supporting portable devices: 21%. Using redirect: 24,8%, using responsive technology: 75,2%.

If you look the statistics you can see how fast the responsive technologies are spreading. Google supports the responsive technologies because that way the page is providing the same code for desktop and mobile browsers as well!

László Éles

webpage technical expert

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