Payment methods

Payment methods.

There are different paying methods to chose from, before sending your order into the basket.

Online payment with credit card
OTPdirekt logó

Online paying transactions can also be made through the OTP Bank Nyrt. payment-system. During the transaction you will be redirected via a secure connection to the OTP site, equipped with the latest security standards. The webshop neither stores the account details, the person behind, the credit card number or the expiry date in any circumstances. You will be notified from the success or denial of the transaction. After the payment has been made you will be redirected again to our webshop.

You’ll need the following data for credit card payment

  • Credit card number (13 to 19 numbers on front of the card )
  • Expiry date (year/month)
  • Card security code (the three last digits on the signature field on the back side of the card)
    (CVV2, vagy CVC2 code). If there is no such code on the card, leave that field blank

OTP kártyák logója
You can use the following card types at OTP:


  • Visa (credit card)
  • MasterCard (credit card)
  • American Express (credit card)
  • Electron (debit card)

Whether the card can be used for online payment or not depends on your issuer bank. If the bank has allowed the card to be used online, of course you can use it. For more information, please ask your bank. OTP issued cards are accepted.

  •     Maestro (debit card)

Only the OTP Bank Nyrt. issued cards, cards starting with numbers: 675761. In case of 10 digit long credit card numbers, please type first 675761 and only then the 10 digit number from the card..

PayPal paymentPayPal logó

Paypal is one of the most used service for secure online payments. During the transaction you will be redirected to the Paypal service, where you can pay safely. The webshop neither stores the account details, the card holder, the credit card number or the expiry date it in any circumstances. More information: here.


Transfer (with proforma account) Utalás kérése logó

You can also choose bank transfer, by using our formula here. After payment completed you will receive a proforma invoice. After the payment appears on our account, by your request we put the sum on the required account, or we mail the requested coupon package number. You can activate the package whenever you wish, because the subscription period only starts, when you wish!


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