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Comprehensive Analysis? Igen Igen Igen Igen
Number of queried URLs? 50 10 2000 1
5 minutes re-query? Igen Igen Nem Nem
Number of URLs automatically queried? 8 1 Nem Nem
Graph Generation? Igen Igen Igen Nem
Print analysis? Igen Igen Igen Nem
Instant View results? Igen Igen Igen e-mail
Data export? Igen Igen Igen Nem
Data Import? Nem Nem Igen Nem
Statements with Graphics in 2 weeks? Nem Igen Nem Nem
Incident management? Igen Igen Igen Nem
Subscription period? 30+3 days 365 days 365 days 1 analysis
Who do we recommend?? Igen Igen Igen  
Price  49.90 $  74,90 $ 129.90 $ 0.00 $
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129,90 $ ( 102,28 $ +VAT)
Subscription period365 days
Domains available for query2000
  • Check your developments on graphs and compare it to your competitors
  • Create graphs
  • Export the results of the analysis
  • You have 50 domains to test
  • Fix your homepage and your subpages
  • Check your competitors and your customers webpages
  • More users are allowed to use it at the same time, so you can share the informations with your colleagues

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