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Technikai blog Éles LászlóWelcome dear SEOseeker reader!

I'm László Éles, co-executive director of Infoartnet Kft..

My job is to coordinate one of our business units (WEB). I'm a permanent member of the technical blog on SEOseeker.

Feel free to ask and give us feedback!

I deal with business informatics for more than 18 years now. I had a Commodore 64 when I was a teenager. Luckily no one really remembers to that era.

I had the chance to follow the development of technical and marketing solutions connected to the webpages. I had this chance since the whole thing has begun in our little country. At the beginning I was a HTML, PHP, CSS programmer, but these days the active programming tasks are performed by my colleagues. Right now I'm working on the integration of web systems. I also create and plan web systems and I'm the one who operates them.

I was teaching Web Design at the University of West Hungary (Apáczai Csere János Faculty) for more years.

A few words about Infoartnet Kft.:

Our past can mean reliability, flexibility, perseverance. We are really proud of our unbroken technical development. That's the attribute that can distinguish us from the other IT companies.

We believe that we create and develop products which are filling the gaps on the market. We believe that people who are using our products saw an opportunity in our products and they were not influenced by the marketing. Since we expected that our partners will trust and rely on us so we have a long-term development needs.
Today we offer complex IT and marketing services as a developer and consulting partner of municipalities, HEI's, small and medium-sized enterprises and larger companies.

Hungarian Olympic Committee, Széchenyi István University, LEIER, Kecskemét College, ALTmob, Municipality of Győr, Rábalux, Piktor, Szolnok College, HVG-ORAC, IBM: we are really proud of the work we have done together.

Everyone praises its own system, we don't want to do that!

We always looking for opportunities where our system can prove itself. Or we let someone to give us feedback. Our portal system was graded by IBM. That was one of the reasons by developing SEOseeker: to compare us with our competition based on objective aspects.


I really hope that you'll get a lot of help from me on SEOseeker. I trust that it will bring the best out if you!

László Éles

webpage technical expert

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