The ANALYSIS surface

Opening the analysis list

After you have logged in click on the "ANALYSIS" button in the main menu. A list will appear with the latest index results of the analysed domains.

As you can see, the list contains links and icons; with the help of these icons you can access new surfaces and informations. Let's talk about these buttons a bit.

The latest results of a URL

If you click on any of the links in the list (see the previous picture), the system will show you the latest results of the actual URL.

Previous results of a URL

If you click on the "Other tests" in "Operations" (see previous picture), the system will display every previous index results of the URL.

Try to order the list by date because that way you can see how the changes on the page are affecting the index numbers.

Note: The list will contain the incomplete tests as well. These tests will display the index numbers with a result of 0%. The analysis is either completed or not. If the analysis can't complete for some reason, every index will get a result of 0%, no matter how many data was collected so far.

You can give the filter a period of time so you can search for specific tests.

If you click on any date in the "Time of the analysis" field, the system will show you every data and results of that test.

Inspecring plugin points

If you click on one of the "Plugin points" button in the "Operations" field, it will list the previous tests of the URL.

After that you can choose a plugin to monitor. This function is not available in every subscription plan.

Of course if you click on any links in the "Time of analysis" field you can view every result of the selected URL

Monitoring list

If you have the "SEO Professional 30 days" subscription plan, you can add domains (max. 8) to monitoring lists and the system will automatically analyse these domains every day.

Note: Because the tests are running on our servers these tests will run even if you don't turn on your computer at all. You can check the results anytime without any restrictions.

If you want to add a domain to a monitoring list, press the "+" icon (Add to the monitoring list) in the "Operations" field. The icon will change after you have added the URL to the list.

If you want to remove a domain press the button again (Remove from the monitoring list) and the URL will be removed from the list.

If you click on a link in the "URL" field you can check the latest test of the URL.

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