The disappearance of PageRank

PageRank end
Google made an announcement on 7th march of 2016: PageRank will dissappear. It'll be still be a part of the search algorythm hovewer.

The past of PageRank

From 2000 the page rank showed us how important the site is for Google on a scale from 0 to 10. This tool appeared in Internet Explorer's toolbar first. It showed the PageRank value with a green bar on every site. After that Firefox started to display PageRank as well.

SEO experts realized quickly that this is a tool that finally gives exact, numeric information about a site, so they can compare them more easily.

Some of the SEO experts are now in a bit of trouble because many of them focused only on the PageRank value. However PageRank was always just a part of the whole search algorythm. A high PageRank value doesn't mean that the page will have a good ranking in the search results. Even a page with much lower PageRank can overtake pages with higher PageRank values if it did on other tests better.
The most important factor of the PageRank value was the number of links and connections of the site. Link trading started.

The support of the PageRank toolbar stopped completely in IE and Firefox as well, for almost 3 years ( they didn't updated the data regularly, and sometimes it was incorrect too ). PageRank statistics was removed from Search Console ( formerly Webmaster Tools ) in 2009.

With the public dissappearance of PageRank people stopped to buy links to get a higher PageRank value. By buying links a lot of owners got a penalty too.

Farewell, PageRank

There are some surfaces where you can see the latest data results, but they will be completely gone in a few weeks. It still part of our analysis too, but in two weeks we will say goodbye to it as well.

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