The Hummingbird algorythm

As Google turned 15 years old, they gave us the "Hummingbird" algorythm.

...or at least they told us that is exists; they were using it already in the past month.

A lot of people guessed already that PageRank is dead and because of that a new algorythm is on the way. According to Google, the Hummingbird is still using the PR. The ranking factors are still confidental, however we use more than 80+ factors in our analysis!

Google-kolibriWhy is it called "Hummingbird"?

Google compares the search engine to this bird: both are precise and quick.

Why was it necessary to create a new algorythm?

Pingvin, Panda and the other updates became part of the older algorythm, but we can't talk about a complete change. The main purpose is to make the results even better and match the user's needs, and make it as quick as possible. Of course the new algorythm includes Pingvin, Panda and the other updates as well.

How does the new search engine differ?

According to Google, if people is talking about something, that thing is probably useful and good. In the future terms, sentences are going to be more important to improve the precision of the results.
For example.: Where can I find a nice coffe shop in my region? The main word is "coffee" of course; after that it will search for your location and it will check the reviews of the visitors. The thesaurus is extended continuously so you might see restaurants as well: it's not a coffee shop exactly but it can have some great feedback and it is only a few blocks away.

Are the results better than before?

People will hardly notice if something has improved because it is natural. As it turned out, Hummingbird was in use in the last month and there were no massive reports about things malfunctioning, so it's probably did not got worse!

Can we experience rank changings in the search results?

If you didn't notice any changes in your rank you probably will not fall back. There are going to be some changes of course so you might experience some in the future. We noticed by some keywords, that files and documents moved up in the search results.

Did you experienced the changes?

(Source: Danny Sullivan)

Szilvia Élesné G.

SEO expert

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