This is how Google search works

Google kereső működésének képeRecently I saw a video from Matt Cutts; he is an expert of Google (He is the one who provides information about the search engines and gives only mysterious answers for the questions.)
In this video we can see how the engine works: crawling pages, search results and fight against spam.

Of course Google is not telling every elements of the algorythm, but we know that the engine is watching over 200 aspects.

Matt talks about the types of spam, and he talks about how Google informs the web page owners if they find some problems. Interesting fact: there are about 5000 requests for revision a week. It's a lot of requests and all of them needs personal contribution. If you request a revision you probably have to wait a lot.

Google made a flow chart to present how the engine works:

How the search works?

1. Crawling and indexing

There are about 60 billion pages crawled every single day and this number is constantly growing. Google is navigating on the web, which means that it follows the links site-to-site. They categorize the pages by the content and other factors and indexing them (keywords, terms, locations). They collect data from the street view too. This takes more than 100 million gigabytes on Google's servers!

2. Algorythms

Programs and formulas were made in order to get the best possible search results. They search for clues in the indexed stock.
To understand us, there are more programs for them:
-spell check (identifies and corrects spelling errors)
-autocomplete (predicts what you might be searching for)
-google instant (immediate results as you type)
-search methods
With the help of these programs Google can choose the proper documents, images, videos, webpages from the indexed stock.
After that, they rank the results. It might seems to be a long procedure; but it completes incredibly fast in front of our eyes.
The list of the results is depending of the user agent (desktop PC, tablet, smartphone).
The algorythm is changing constantly because Google wants to provide the best results not only for words but terms and sentences as well. The team of Google rates the efficiency of the search by checking individual searches randomly (more than 40.000 times a year). They evaluate two types of results: results of the current algorythm and the results of a planned algorythm. They analyse these and make feedback from the results. (Averagely 9000 times a year). They test the new algorythms on-line as well. They change the search ranking a bit (by a small group of users) about 7000 times a year and check how it affects the relevance and the users. The leading engineers will summarize the results and decide if the changes of the search engine are applicable for every user. About 500 changes of the search engine are introduced each year. (Az algoritmus team munkájáról készült kis videó: Google Algoritmus Team )

3. Fighting spam

Most of the spams are removed automatically. They inspect the questionable documents and if they find spam, they act. Because Google is available in many language regions, spam-filtering teams are working all around the world. (At the introduction site we can see a real time list. This list shows the pages removed in the last 3 hours from the search engine because of spamming.
Manual interactions:
- spam only
- hacked website
- unnatural external links
- unnatural backlinks
- automatically generated content
- cloaking/sneaky redirects
- useless content
- parked domains
- spam created by the user
- hidden text and/or keywords
- free hosting and DNS service featuring spam
If they expereience some of the above, they contact the owner of the page. This means approximately 400.000-600.000 messages a month! After that the owner has the chance to fix the errors and request a revision in the webmaster tools. There are about 5000 requests a week but sometimes it's much more!

Google: How Search Works
Google: How Search Works - The Story

Szilvia Élesné G.

SEO expert

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