This is how the internet works


Everyone knows everything about the internet...

...but a lot of people doesn't even think through!

The internet is based on some really simple logics,

but still there are a lot of mistakes!

If you don't want to know what is this whole thing about, close your browser and turn on your TV!


Start with some cliches and then we will turn over your world!


People are looking for informations, products, solutions, entertainment.

It is still true even if you only browsing on Facebook. We're looking for the recognition of our friends. We are trying to sell our boring stuff. We're trying to find the latest pieces of our favorite hobbys or trying to find the cheapest source of something.

Some people call this the consumer side.


You're probably a part of the supply side because you are browsing this site. You want to sell something or make some informations popular, but stop for a moment and think about the situation... There are no pure supply because it only exists in some ecological textbooks!

You are here to represent the supply side!

What makes this interesting? We don't want to sell anything. In fact we promise that not a single link will contain a „Purchase” text in the content!

Everything is yours here and it's free of charge!


If you're having a website somewhere or you have a server of your own.

If someone made you a webpage or you made it for yourself.

If you pay for ads (adwords, banner, PR ad), or you do it for yourself (forums, linkbuild, chat, facebook).

If you optimized your page for yourself or someone did it for you...

You were using services that are related to the internet every single time!

There is a little difference from the others: you are thinking about the whole process as an investment.

We have arrived to the main point: we have to find the level of investment required to generate the expected profit.


If you recognize your faults and your values then you have made some progress already!

Designers repeating this: „if you look at a crappy graphic a lot your eyes will adapt and you won't see it ugly anymore”.

Do not make this mistake with your webpage!

Try to evaluate ourselves objectively !

There is a simple method and it only requires a few minutes of practice.

Most people will decide in 2-15 seconds if a webpage is valuable or not! If someone sits next to a computer a lot then he/she can decide even more faster!

Evaluate our favorite webpages based on these attributions:

Every attribution can have a number on a scale from 1 to 10. 10 is the best, 5 is mediocre and 1 is the worst.

Speed: If a webpage loads slowly we usually close it immediately!

Design: Ergonomy. Do you like what you see? If the answer is yes then the number will be 10. If it's really undemanding, make sure it won't get more than 3 points.

Usability and content: You have to decide if you can find the content easily or not. Is the content good and detailed?

Freshness: If the latest entry is older than a year and the price list is more than 3 years old you will probably not spend a lot of time there.

Here is the most important part!

How much are you interested in the topic : Webpages that are relevant for us. If the best page of the world is not about the topic that interests us, we won't spend hours on it.


Grab a piece of paper and evaluate about 40 websites!

After that cover the first 10 pages, because we lied to ourselves... we compensated this later because of our tiredness.

Pages with lower than 7 points: erase (explained later)!

The leftovers are the ones that are worth to be in your bookmarks!


There are 634 000 000 webpages (according to a summary from 2012), 51 000 000 were created in a year.

Truth is, if you evaluate websites on a scale of 1-10, the worst websites are the ones which scored under 7,5-8 points. This is because there is a huge oversupply! If you throw away 80% there is still 126 800 000 webpages to choose from!

The problem is related to distribution and threshold.

People will get tired if they think about the search for information as a job. They will get angry if they don't get quickly and easily what they want. They will judge easily if they don't have anything to lose. The problem is more radical if there are a lot of competitors in a single topic.

That's how the internet works!

You don't have a choice, you have to be good! ( head back to the homepage to subscribe!)



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