Benefits of Hashtags


Surely everyone has seen little tags with short keywords that help specific messages, posts to found easier. These are called hashtags. Infographics made by Neil Patel, can help you to know a lot of interesting and useful things about the use of hashtags.

Why is it important to deal with HASHTAGS?

Hashtags are practically everywhere, if we look around the internet. These tags have become an essential and important part of the social media over the years.

Hashtags are an excellent tool to make social media traffic generally increased. The tweets with the hashtags for example, generate twice as much commitment towards us, as if they would be posted without hashtags.

The benefit of users made a hurried Neil Patel infographics that outside counsel is some interesting information on how to use the hashtag take advantage of the various social sites.

The use of hashtags can be basically divided into two parts:

  • Since available everywhere, even outside on your network, everybody can see it who are interested
  • With their help you can reach more people who are interested in the keyword

How do I use them on social media?

The reaction of participants of different social networks to hashtags are very different from each other.On Twitter it's not recommended to use more than two hashtags, while on Instragam the greatest impact is achieved when 11 or more hashtags are captured.

Facebook and Google+ supports the use of hashtags, Google+ will automatically connect hastags to our new post based on the content they contain, of course we can edit them later, or even add new ones.
The hashtags are now automatically built into the Google search, and if you are looking especially for hashtags, Google also able to manage it.

For Facebook the start was not easy, because when they started to use hashtags, the posts which contained hashtags has reached far fewer people than the posts without them. However, over time they managed to fix this problem, and now we can see more posts with hashtags on Facebook, moreover, their impact has been positive in terms of the number of people they reached.

Overall we can say that hashtags are important in our posts, tweet, because with some simple hashtags it can help to reach out to visitors and increase traffic.

If you are interested in the infographics and the whole content of the topic, follow this link:


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