Update on Google Algorithm 17.06.2015 and the Panda is coming. What is Panda?

Hungry Google algorythm

Yesterday the forums of international colleagues and more people have reported that the monitored websites show up high on Google search results list change.

Detailed studies have shown that this is not the expected Panda algorithm change or modification algorithm HTTPS. But then what?

Google also confirmed this morning that it was not heralded the Panda update, which is hitting the road soon, but it was only a simple change to search for quality improvement.

Google Panda update is expected in the coming weeks:

Google expert Gary Illyés also announced on June 01 that in the next 2-4 weeks, the expected high levels of Panda algorithm update.

Google Panda algorithm was first published in February 2011.

Based on qualitative analysis of web pages displayed in the viewfinder websites ranking. In contrast to the lower level of classification of web pages back to the Web site over a well-structured, higher user experience.

What is considered a high-quality website?

Advanced, error-free expert content, usability, reliability is the key words of this issues.

  • original - unique, high-quality content for users, not for search engines
  • take care that your site is available with www and without www as well
  • don't copy other's content, always state the link where you copied the text from
  • Check for spelling mistakes and statistic errors
  • the pages that speak about general topic is not expected to achieve good ranking
  • do not use a lot of advertising (mostly unpaid advertising) because it is impairing user experience factor (if there is such a part, it is the regulators in the robots.txt mapping)
  • don't be too many links on the website
  • Content should not be hidden, hidden links on the site; Do not be misleading redirects
  • don't use doorway pages ( http://seoseekereng.plugin.hu/blog/google-doorway-pages )
  • don't have website map on the webpage
  • the images should be filled in the ALT attribute so that they know what is in the picture, for whom the content of the image can not be displayed
  • don't use big image files because it slows down the loading time
  • don't use iframe and flash
  • the content's meta information should be filled in as well as the title and description
  • don't be W3C errors on the website
  • It recommends using search engine friendly URLs, avoid the parametric links
  • use a robots.txt file to control the robot crawled pages, and make sure that it does not forbid Googlebot
  • periodically check the performance of your web page, eg. loading speed and go investigate what the reasons may be that if more than 5 seconds to load over slower time

The Panda algorithm based on the links to the website, search queries and visitors behaviors. The "over optimization" is included in the glossary, which means that Google has been given penalty to the websites that they have built up directly to the appropriate location algorithm

Panda is under patent, which was registered on 24 March 2014 to 8.682.892 number. For this, it will learn that it links to the website are only taken into account, which is independent of a Web page. But it is also a reference to take into account, which is only marginally mentioned in the reference, and there is no specific hyperlink.

Punishment can be caused by:

- over optimization: piling too many keywords on the page, too many web links built
- Duplicated Content

We already published our copywriter's detailed list here, which can help to write a good content: In brief:

1. The main keywords have to appear in the headlines!

2. Look at how long is your content.

3. Ensure that your site is loading quickly!

4. Make your site trustworthy!

5. Check your keywords for your site!

6. Check your links!

7. Measure the dwell time!

8. Strain off the duplicates!


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