WCAG 2.0

WCAG 2.0 is the measure of barrier-free web usability and ergonomics. Such a standard web pages effectively and seamlessly make use of the disabled or handicapped people (eg. Visually impaired, hearing impaired), or who are less well understood to IT or even outdated hardware users.

This standard has 3 levels:A - AA - AAA

A -the lowest level that must be observed by all means an accessible website.
AA - especially in the public interest, public service - and state - and local government websites is determined by a higher level of accessibility of.
AAA - the highest level, the rules of which are required to be adhered website, which was largely damaged and disabled people are visiting.

The WCAG standard was created to website injured and disabled people are also able to handle and read. The following priority groups are watching the process of adopting rules:

- sighted
- Color-blind and color-blind users
- hearing
- Disabled
- epilepsy
- Mentally disabled
But there are groups who can navigate a difficult obstacle for other websites. These include the elderly, children and the outdated browser or old slow computers.

It can be seen that if every target audience you want to meet everyone, then black-and-white contrast uses minimal images, information pages were just tiny. Therefore, it is important that the Examining audience into setting up their websites and, where permitted, it omitted the standard specifications, as not binding on the WCAG standard minősíttetés if you do not create a dedicated web site. But beware! There are technical rules that must be adhered to if minimally, but pay attention to those visitors that are prevented in some way; and this is taken into account when ranking in the search engines!

Website In view of the foregoing analysis, the minimum number of control points to the existence of accessibility aims at:
- Investigation images ALT attribute
- Analysis page Pictures / Maximum image
- Analysis of the size of page
- Examination of responsiveness (even on a different screen size is optimal width of the content)
- Assessment of the screen height measured Website
- Flash test
- Frame investigation
- Examination Headlines
- Analysis of recording language page
- Analysis of Character

The website WCAG 2.0 standard compliance testing a fairly lengthy and complex task, because each participant is screened, and the investigation damaged and disabled people being involved. 
The site quickly AA analysis is also possible where you can see where there are errors on the site, for example:




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