Who should I hire to make my webpage done?

A webpage can represent your company for about 2-4 years if you don't make any bigger changes. Because of the development of the technology and the standards you should check your page periodically.

If you're only starting to discover the advantages of a website it's good to know what time periods are available.

What kind of webpage should you choose?

Recommended webpage

It depends on the time period. If you want to have a webpage for a short amount of time (e.g.: a year for your marketing activities) a free system is decent too.

If you want a page for the long-run however you should hire some specialists who will take your needs and goals into consideration.

Who are the pros?

Web developers who are regarding the technology opportunites of the current era and making them consistent with your needs while keeping the general and the SEO rules.
These are complex terms but more of them are measurable.
We advice too look around on the net and ask your friends who do they recommend. Do not choose a contractor based only on suggestions! They may have created a good page for your friend but you have different needs and goals! Be a maximalist!
After you have collected some contractors, analyse their references. That way you can see how their designer works and how their programmer works! Yes it is important! I know it matters how your page looks like but if it's wrong in terms of technology you won't be able to reach your goals.

How to choose a webpage contractor:

1. the reference works of the company should reach at least a 75-80% technology index
2. they don't have serious W3C errors
3. they use the evolution of the technology on their sites (e.g.: responsive webdesign)
If you already choosed a company based on these three things, you should still make sure that:
4. you can find more contact options on their homepage and you can reach somebody within a short amount of time? If you can't reach them now you won't be able to contact them in the future either; especially if you have problems.
5. Before they offered you any kind of webpage they asked you about your style and your goals? (before signing the contract!)
6. What connected services do they offer? Do they have support, helpdesk, user manual?
7. Request for a quotation! Check again what do they offer and what kinds of extra services do they have! Do they make quality work? Only decide after you gathered all the informations!

You can't choose! Let us help you!

Our contractor qualifying system might be helpful to you! We check every applicants thoroughly. We only reccommend contractors who you can trust!

You can check our qualified contractors here.

Don't forget about this:

You should check the page after it is done!

Before you take over your page, it is recommended to subscribe to a SEO Professional or to a URL 50 plan to check what you'll get for your money! Check how it's constructed in terms of technology and what is need to be done before the page goes online.

You'll probably have a web engine training and you know how to navigate on the surface. If you don't know how to fill in missing metadatas and how you should sign up to the biggest social networks; ask for their help before the start.

To have a successfull page that matches your needs, follow our advices and you won't be dissappointed!

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